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05/23/2022HKDC Publishes Report and Launches Online Political Prisoners Database
05/11/2022Arrests of Former 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund Trustees
05/08/2022John Lee Appointed as Hong Kong’s Next Leader
04/19/2022The Sentencing of Tam Tak-Chi on “Sedition” and Other Charges
03/31/2022Joint Letter from 46 Groups to the European Union Ahead of the EU-China Summit
02/28/2022First Anniversary of the Mass Prosecution of Hong Kong Pro-democracy Campaigners
02/04/2022The House Passed the America COMPETES Act of 2022
01/26/2022America COMPETES Act of 2022 Incorporates Key Hong Kong Provisions
12/28/2021The Crackdown on Stand News
12/09/2021The Conviction of Pro-democracy Leaders Over Banned June 4 Vigil
11/23/2021The Sentencing of Tony Chung
11/16/2021President Biden’s Meeting with Xi Jinping and Olympics Boycott
11/11/2021The Sentencing of Ma Chun-Man as the Second NSL Conviction
10/29/2021 Joint Call to Action on Safe Haven in the U.S. from HKDC, SWHK, and HKW
10/21/2021 Significant Developments on U.S. Assistance to Hong Kongers
10/17/2021 HKDC on the arrests of U.S. Citizens Tsela Zoksang and Joey Siu in Greece
09/21/2021A New Chapter for HKDC
6/23/2021 HKDC on the Forced Closure of Apple Daily in Hong Kong
6/16/2021 HKDC Condemns the Raid of Apple Daily and Arrests of Top Executives by Hong Kong Police
6/4/2021 HKDC Condemns Arrest of Chow Hang Tung and Urges Worldwide Remembrance of Tiananmen
5/28/2021 HKDC Condemns Jail Terms over Peaceful Assembly
3/4/2021 HKDC Condemns Detention and Charges Against 47 Pro-Democracy Leaders
1/20/2021 HKDC Priorities for the Biden-Harris Administration
1/15/2021 A Glimmer of Light in Dark Times:
Young Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Safe in the US after Perilous Journey to Freedom
1/15/2021 黑暗中的一點光
12/30/2020 Ten Hong Kong Activists Captured at Sea Sentenced and Jail by Mainland Court
12/18/2020 Senate Failed to Pass Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act 2020
12/2/2020 HKDC Denounces Prison Sentences for Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, and Ivan Lam
11/22/2020 Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, and Ivan Lam Remanded in Custody
11/11/2020Death Sentence to Hong Kong’s Political System
11/7/2020United We Stand; Divided We Fall
9/30/2020New Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act of 2020 Introduced
8/26/2020Beijing’s Latest Attempt to Control the Past:
Hong Kong Police Arrested Victims of Yuen Long Attack
8/10/2020Joint Statement from HKDC and a coalition of local groups
on latest assaults on Hong Kong’s basic freedoms
8/7/2020US Treasury’s OFAC sanctions Hong Kong Chief Executive
Carrie Lam, police chief and 9 other top officials
8/4/2020Secretary Pompeo Condemns CCP’s Attempt to Arrest and Prosecute
HKDC’s Managing Director
7/30/2020Pro-democracy candidates disqualified from LegCo elections
7/14/2020Trump Adopts HKDC’s Priorities in Executive Order on Hong Kong
7/14/2020Trump Signs the HKDC-backed Hong Kong Autonomy Act and Executive Order Ending Hong Kong’s Special Status
7/1/2020We Will Not Be Silenced: HKDC Members Testifying in Congress Despite Threats Under Hong Kong’s New National Security Law
6/30/2020US Congress Introduces Bi-Partisan Refugee & Immigration Protection Bills for Hong Kongers
6/12/2020HKDC Condemns Charges Against HKDC Advisors and June 4 Tiananmen Vigil Organizers and Zoom’s Cuttingoff Accounts of Pro-Democracy Leaders
6/9/2020On the First Anniversary of the One Million Hong Kongers Anti-Extradition March
6/4/2020Lee Cheuk Yan to US Senate Banking hearing
6/3/2020June 4 Lee Cheuk Yan Banking Committee Testimony
5/29/2020HKDC Responds to White House Taking Steps to Revoke Hong Kong's Special Status
5/27/2020HKDC Supports and Agrees with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Statement “that Hong Kong
is no longer autonomous from China”
5/20/2020HKDC and Congress Condemn China’s Move to Impose Security Law on Hong Kong
4/27/2020HKDC to Host Recently Arrested Hong Kong Democracy Leaders on Facebook Live
4/18/2020HKDC Condemns Mass Arrest of Pro-Democracy Leaders in Hong Kong
3/17/2020Ouster of US Journalists Blow to Press Freedom and Autonomy of Hong Kong
11/20/2019CHong Kong Unifies US Congress: We will not stand Idly by
11/19/2019On Passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the Senate

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